5 miles southwest of Pateros, Washington

Whistlin' Pine Ranch
490-499 Alta Lake Road
Pateros, WA 98846



Whistlin' Pine Ranch lies in the big valley at the far end of the lake
Where is Alta Lake?
Seattle to Alta Lake - 200 Miles (click to enlarge)
Chelan to Alta Lake - 25 Miles (click to enlarge)
Pateros to Alta Lake - 5 Miles (click to enlarge)
What can we do at Alta Lake?
Go horseback riding!
Go fishing with an old timer!
Play in the waters of Alta Lake!
Go on a high country pack trip!
Go on a guided hunting trip...with horses & mules!
Make new four-legged friends!
Go hiking high above Alta Lake!

Alta Lake has a lot of history...

It was hunting and fishing grounds for nomadic indian tribes.
Miners and trappers passed through the Alta Coulee south of the lake in search of pelt
and valuable gem & ore.
In the early 1900's, homesteaders settled in the area to scratch the ground for farming.
Ranching & livestock came to Alta Lake when my dad bought the land from a homesteader
in 1944.
Outfitting & guiding folks on horseback trips for fishing and hunting took root shortly after.
2010 is our 66th year of welcoming visitors to our ranch here at Alta.

Brian Varrelman
Whistlin' Pine Ranch

Brian & "Terry"
Whistlin' Pine Ranch and the historic Alta Coulee
Alta Lake is well known for it's trout fishing!
Whistlin' Pine Ranch is a family friendly campground