FAQ's...making reservations

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Are reservations required to stay at Whistlin' Pine Ranch?
No. Unexpected guests can many times find just what they're looking for by simply showing up at the door. Unfortunately, too often those without reservations may arrive to find the gates locked or other circumstances in ranching obligations that may prevent their entry.

Why should we make reservations?
The most common remark heard from callers is, "We don't want to drive four hours and not find a spot!" The benefits of reserving become mutual as we know who and what (Reminder; No Dogs) to expect on certain dates. We count the nights and check in / out is 5 pm.

How do I proceed to reserve?
Call first (509-923-2548) to see if the sites and/or units are available for the nights you desire. If you represent a group or large party the burden of informing and collecting fees from each fall on you. Once you're decided to commit, we fill out (over the phone) all the registration tickets for all camping units...you then get entered on a reservation spreadsheet...and you are entered on an accounting data base as a customer...and finally an invoice is created that sums your total amount due. We then accept your Visa or Mastercard for full payment.

Can we make changes?
As stated above, your reservation is not the old fashioned 'pencil me in' type of informal arrangements. Changes in your plans causes changes in the tickets, spreadsheets and accounting programs. Changes may cost you from $20 - $50 per reservation, so we encourage you and party to collectively agree on dates, sites, etc. before making the reservation.

What is the cancellation/refund policy for Whistlin' Pine Ranch

There are no refunds ... we want you to fully understand this before reserving. Again, reservations are not required to stay here. If (due to certain circumstances) any form of refund is granted, there is a minimum 25% cancellation fee retained by Whistlin' Pine Ranch.